29 FEB – 03 MARCH 2024

29 Feb – 3 Mar 2024



For a few short days each year, a village of endless possibilities comes alive and opens its gates to the outside world. This pop-up village invites individuals of all ages and walks of life to loosen the grip of modern society and take a leap of faith into the unknown. For it is in the unknown where we can truly find ourselves.

The village is a melting pot of interaction, introspection and inspiration. Stroll down the bustling streets and if you wish, make your way to one of the many carefully designed & uniquely activated spaces on offer.

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Meat Free

With livestock production being one of the leading causes of global greenhouse gas emissions and deforestation, Retreat Yourself is a proudly meat-free festival. Please support us as we take on this initiative in our efforts to provide an experience which is sustainable and truly free from violence. The market offers many delicious vegetarian and vegan options, so if you are usually a meat eater, welcome something different and explore some new food options.