20 – 23 February 2025

20 – 23 Feb 2025


Welcome to the heart and soul of Retreat Yourself—a wellness festival where self-discovery
knows no bounds. Dive into our blogs, a treasure trove of stories and insights that capture the
essence of a community embracing holistic well-being. Join us on this journey of mind, body,
and spirit as we explore the transformative magic that unfolds within the vibrant tapestry of
Retreat Yourself.

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Retreat Yourself is a labour of collaborative love and a tangible example of what can be achieved through a united community. It really does take a village to create the RY village, and we thought we’d share some numbers with you.
As the calendar turns, and the dawn of a new year greets us, it’s not just about resolutions; it’s an opportunity for a reconnection with what truly matters.
At Retreat Yourself, we’ve decided to try and uncover what lies behind the essence enchantment woven into the fabric of dance floors, where baselines blend with euphoria, and music transcends mere entertainment—it’s a holistic experience.
At Retreat Yourself Festival, we believe in the power of unity and community, and that’s why we’re proud to be a family-friendly event that welcomes children of all ages.
As a team, we believe that any project you put into the world needs to have a ‘why’ as its beating heart, one that breathes life into it and acts as a guiding light in all decisions taken to bring it to the world. 
Partners are the lifeblood of Retreat Yourself, the foundation upon which our festival thrives. They breathe life into our event, infuse it with vitality, and make it all possible.